Citywide Educational Outreach Program  Green Seattle Partnership Urban Forestry Project - Seattle, Washington

We understand what it takes to make great programming. To create the award winning Urban Forestry Project we first brainstormed with key environmental educators across the Seattle region. Then, working with our partners, we developed field and classroom curriculum into a pilot program. When we took the program to scale and it really, really worked.

We reached over 400 students in our pilot year and they restored approximately 35,000 ft of Seattle’s urban forests! Built to be sustained, the program enlists students to “adopt” their local forests and hand off management to new students as they rise through the grade levels.

We design and deliver highly entertaining, branded and portable graphics so it’s easy for teachers to convey complex ideas to their students and administrators alike.

Sample of our classroom training tools.
Winner of the Environmental Education of Washington’s Community Catalyst award.