National Traveling Exhibit  Snow Leopard Trust - Seattle, Washington

The Snow Leopard Trust uses an innovative approach to saving endangered cats - they sell handcrafted items from villages in central Asia that commit to protecting snow leopards then sell those products at zoo stores across the United States. But the Trust had a dilemma - how to motivate people to buy these unusual handmade products?

We put our heads together and came up with this highly effective approach that appeals to both children and adults. Fun facts about the snow leopard are strategically placed on the exhibit. Not too many words, not too few. The exhibit points the visitors directly to the zoo store where their purchase can make an immediate difference.

We also included a beautiful snow leopard video, placed low, to captivate children so the adults had time to “get” our message. The exhibit is directly responsble for tripling the sale of products in zoos across the U.S.

Now that's effective marketing, with a purpose!

Stills from the exhibit video